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How it works

1. Email Me!

 Send me your wedding date, where you are getting married and when. I will get back to you within 72 hours so we can...

2. Let’s meet! 

We will set up a complimentary consultation and go over most of the details. Your wedding means so much to me. It's my livelihood, and my passion! It’s important I to get to know you and what you envisioned for your wedding. Next we will.....

3. Design!

Whether it is romantic , whimsical or classic I will create beautiful florals to create the look you want. When a bride sees her bouquet in "real life" on her wedding day, this is truly my favorite part! Thank you for letting me part of this amazing time in your life.


Floral design can feel really complicated and intimidating. Your vision and my background in design will execute stunning and totally you wedding florals. I don’t want you to be tied to pictures you’ve seen a thousand times or be limited to a two color palette. I am excited to work with you and have fun doing it!


We can't wait to hear from you!

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